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Viapol Waterproofing


Vetroasfalto’s efforts dedicated to mastering waterproofing techniques require most qualified and demanding contractors, able to appreciate all their advantages, so as to satisfy any type of request.

To satisfy the need for a high quality, secure waterproofing, Vetroasfalto prepared a gamma of polymer bitumen membranes VIAPOL SYNTESI. The line combines experience, knowledge and technology that Vetroasfalto has acquired for over 50 years during its productive activity.

Viapol Syntesi SB160

Pluvitec Datasheet

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A polymer bitumen compound containing the reinforcement is a result of a particular chemical formulation conceived to meet the needs of high quality product.

Thanks to meticulous selection of raw materials and severe controls during manufacturing process the product’s durable quality is guaranteed.

The microscopic fluorescent picture testifies for high homogeneity of the compound and a perfect distribution of the bituminous part and the polymeric one (black and yellow respectively).

Viapol Waterproofing


The reinforcement of elastoplastomeric membranes of SYNYESI line represent most evolved achievements of the modern technology and when combined adequately it can satisfy every specific necessity of waterproofing.

Syntesi reinforcements are characterised by:

  • total compatibility with compound
  • excellent impregnability
  • absence of delaminations
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • high flexibility and elasticity
  • tensile properties, tear resistance, punching and fatigue resistance

The microscopic images in part show a non woven polyester “spunbond” needlepunched resin-impregnated. Viapol Syntesi SB 160, SB 250, Viapol Syntesi RaD. Viapol Syntesi BmT combine the spunbond polyester with glass fiber mat.


A polymer elastoplastomeric bitumen membrane based on distilled bitumen modified by high molecular weight polymers. Viapol Syntesi SB 160 is reinforced by nonwoven polyester continuous strand which is isotropic and very resistant. Viapol Syntesi SB 160 is available with a protected surface of natural slate chippings in a choice of colours.


Ideal for reinforced concrete prefabricated flat roof coverings, can also be used as reinforced concrete and hollow tiles mixed slabs with or without thermo insulation, as well as vault coverings, sheds or inclined roofs, carriageable or walkable coverings, rehabilitation of waterproofed coverings, foundations, underground masonry and floors, undertile solutions, terraces, floors and balconies, tubing, pools, irrigation tubes, basins. In the slated version is used specifically as a finishing layer for waterproofing systems that are not destined to be walked upon or as a protection beneath discontinuous tile mantles.

Viapol Warranty

Pluvitec Datasheet

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