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Arbourfloor home

Arbourfloor home

Luxury vinyl (PVC) wood plank

  • Embossed wood grain
  • matt finish; micro bevelled
  • nano silver antibacterial finish
  • UV resistant

Product Information:

Thickness: 3mm
Wear Layer: 0.3mm (Domestic)
Length: 1219.2mm
Width: 228.6mm
Pack Size: 13 Planks/Pack = 3.62m2/box

General Performance: EN685
Reaction to Fire: EN 13501-1 Class BF1-S1
Slip Resistance: Exceeds ADA Requirement
Abrasion Resistance: ASTM D 3884
Indentation –Residual: EN 433 0.1mm
Dimensional Stability: EN 434
Castor Chair: Suitable
Colour fast to Light: ISO 105-B 02
Flexibility: EN 435 Pass
Resistance to staining: EN 423 Pass

General Instruction:

Refer to sans 10070:2007 for “the installation of resilient thermoplastic and similar flexible floor covering  materials”.

Tools required:

  • Vinyl Plank Flooring
  • Adhesive (A suitable water-based, low voc acrylic adhesive)
  • Sealing primer
  •  Floor patching compound
  • Wood putty
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk line or marker pen
  • Tools for removing baseboards and thresholds
  • Utility knife or vinyl tile cutter
  • Small notch trowel
  • Putty knife
  • Roller


  1. Please ensure UV films are installed to glass where flooring will receive direct sunlight
  2. The surface of the floor must be completely dried, cleaned and free of dirt, wax, paint and etc. before installation
  3. Ensure that the floor is smooth without cracks
  4. use only recommended adhesives


  1. Do not move heavy furniture over newly installed floor within 24 hours after installation
  2. Do not wash the newly installed floor within 3 days after installation



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